CDul in iPad

Deci da... unii nu inteleg cat adevar este in zicala:
"daca nu merge, ia un ciocan mai mare"

Preambul: pt cine nu stie (inca) ce este un iPad... vedeti pe wiki aici

Ia vedeti ce probleme au unii utilizatori de iPad (cunostintele de engleza ar ajuta mult): Apple Support Communities

Si mai jos cateva copy/paste-uri de pe forumul respectiv - pare o povestioara a dracului de amuzanta :)

I'm trying to put a cd into the iPad 2 to play a track but the slot underneath the screen won't allow me. What can I do?
Keep trying.
I've been trying for the past few hours. Seems like it won't fit!!
Should I return my iPad?

Yes you should return it and buy a MacBook Air, cd's fit better in them.
If you had researched the device you would know it doesn't contain a CD/DVD drive. As the other poster suggested a laptop would better suit your needs.
Just rip your CD in iTunes and then synch it up to your iPad and your music will be on your iPad. You can then store your CD away for posteriy and show your grandkids some day.
I don't want to risk damaging my iPad. Can I get an external CD/DVD drive and plug it into my iPad. I just ripped all my CDs apart and they're not showing up in my iTunes library. Apple should really release a fix for this!
No, no, you have it all wrong. You have to fold the CD multiple times until it is just the right size to fit the 30 pin socket at the bottom the iPad. Keep in mind that the folding will become increasingly difficult as it gets closer to the correct size and shape.
First off, the iPad can not play CDs. Secondly, you can't hookup an external cd player to the iPad. Lastly, Click on the bookmark icon in Safari and scroll to the bottom and click on IPad user guide. When help menu opens, click on the iPad icon in the left column. From there Click on adding music and more to the iPad... Follow those directions on how to add music to the iPad.
That's impossible. Apple made a device that can't play CDs? Isn't that the whole point of iPod? Putting in a lot of CDs? Thanks to RaddMann, I ripped most of my favourite CDs... but they are still not showing up on my iPad. I mean.. wth?!
Sorry but this post just made me laugh so much today.
You need to return to the Apple store and buy an iBrain


(cu multumiri lui George T. pt link!)

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